KCR's-Wrong-Steps-in-National-PoliticsTelangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao always appears to be a Wise Politician. He gives that impression even when he is in the Opposition may be due to his Oratory Skills. After conquering Telangana, KCR had set a target to form the government in Delhi so that he can coronate his son, KTR here.

KCR already toured a few states to meet various Regional Parties in the country and now is on another tour. But this time, he got embarrassed due to the refusal of MK Stalin’s Appointment and JDS sticking to Congress. KCR should understand that National Politics will not be as Simple as Telangana Politics.

All the regional parties even though would enjoy the idea of having a government of their own have other requirements in their respective states. JDS and DMK will have to forgo their interests in their states to sail with Federal Front. Also, all these talks now are not useful. All the non-BJP and non-Congress Governments in the country are accidental.

If the need arises, KCR will automatically get the call to play a crucial role at the Center. Even after all these tours and meetings, things will boil down to the arithmetic on May 23rd and the offers these Regional Parties were given. If at all, BJP or NDA gets a clear majority, they will be of no use. Meanwhile, these tours absolutely make no sense.