kishan-reddy-kcrAs days pass by, there are more and more rumours coming out regarding a possible alliance between Telangana Rashtra Samiti and Bharatiya Janata Party. Media reports suggest that KCR is asking One Cabinet rank ministry, one MoS ministry and 6 nominated post at the Center.

However Modi’s government is not at all in favour of these demands as they feel they are asking on par with pre-election partners like TDP and Sivasena. It is said that KCR is offering only one cabinet post which may go to Kishan Reddy.

On the other side, Telugu Desam Party is keenly observing the developments between BJP and TRS. If at all TRS joins the Center, Telugu Desam party may be forced to come out of the center as there are ideological differences between both TDP and BJP. On the other side, TDP is in a catch 22 situation as it needs to be in NDA government since the truncated state is heavily dependent on center for funds.