KCR's-Two-Options-About-KTR's-FutureWe are about a fortnight away from the Election Results. Even though TRS is certain to walk away with a majority of seats in this election, there are more surprises in store with these results. These elections have the potential to change the leadership of the State.

KCR is keen on playing a bigger role at the national level with the seats he gets. The first priority will be a Federal Front devoid of BJP and Congress and the next preference would be joining NDA. KCR may not rule out the joining of UPA in case the need arises.

In any case, KCR will take a plump post in Delhi and would vacate the Chief Minister Chair in Telangana for his son, KTR. In case, BJP or NDA is sufficient to get to the Majority Mark, it would disturb the plans of KCR. He is most likely to cancel KTR’s Coronation Plan for now and wait for a better opportunity to elevate KTR.

Meanwhile, to avoid controversies, KCR may have one more cabinet expansion and take in both KTR and Harish Rao. After the Telangana Assembly elections, KCR has given enough indications of KTR being his heir while totally sidelining Harish Rao from the Party and Government Affairs.