KCR-smoking-vijayawada-fake-photoAndhra Pradesh Chief Minister, Chandrababu Naidu was invited to the Aayutha Chandi Yaagam held by the Telangana CM, KCR, at his farm house in Medak. The Chief Minister, who was in the state himself in Vijaywada, specially invited Naidu for the event which is special prayer to be offered by the Telangana Chief Minister to fulfill the promises made during the Telangana movement.

However, his trip to invite the CM was not the only thing that caught the media’s eye. Apparently, a picture of CM KCR with a cigarette in his mouth has been clicked and has caused quite the reactions. While the image is already viral on several social networking sites and instant messaging applications, the authenticity of the picture is still in questions.

Was the presence of a white rod in the background and a clever shot the reason for all this commotion or was the CM really smoking?