KCR's Key Man, Irrigation Advisor R Vidya Sagar Rao in ICUTelangana Irrigation Advisor, R Vidya Sagar Rao is a key man in CM K Chandrasekhara Rao’s Team. He is the main man for the Chief Minister’s ambition to give water to One Crore acres in Telangana. But then, Vidya Sagar Rao is currently in ICU of Continental Hospital, Hyderabad.

He is suffering from Blood Cancer for a while and recently got treated in the United States as well. But then, the problem aggravated and his condition is said to be Serious. He is put on a ventilator and the doctors are attending him round the clock.

Vidya Sagar Rao is said to be well versed in the Irrigation and other issues of Telangana. He fought for the water rights of Telangana on various forums. The Former Chief Engineer in Central Water Board is a close man of KCR and is appointed as Advisor to Water Resources Ministry post-Telangana formation.