KCR--HuzurabadHuzurabad by-polls is likely to be another vociferous poll after Dubbaka. Telangana Chief Minister KCR wants to defeat his one-time close confidante, Etela Rajender at any cost. It is going to be a straight fight between KCR, Revanth Reddy, and Etela.

Huzurabad has 50,000 Dalit votes and to woo them, the state government all of sudden announced the Telangana Dalit Bandhu scheme which gives Rs 10 lakh per family. The scheme seems to be brought only to woo the voters in Huzurabad. Sources say that there are 21,000 beneficiaries only in the constituency.

That means Telangana Government would need only 2,100 Crore Rupees for a single constituency. If the scheme has to be implemented across the state, it would cost a bomb for the state exchequer which sounds very unrealistic. It looks more like a trap to the Huzurabad electorate.

It has to be seen how the electorate reacts! Also, it has to be seen how the Dalits of the remaining constituencies react if the same amounts are not given to them.