The Central government has finally successfully reined the Telangana government’s decision on changing the Hyderabad Metro Rail project. It is said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself sent a message to the state government that the project should go on with out any hindrances and the pressure seemed to have worked on KCR. In a recent private event, KCR’s son and the IT Minister of the state confirmed that his government is keen on completing the project on time.

Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao has suggested the metro project should go underground at two places where historical sites are located at Assembly and Sultan Bazaar. The construction company, L&T had confirmed that it is extremely difficult both economically and technically to change the project alignment at this stage. Telangana Government owns the ₹14,132-crore Hyderabad Metro Rail project, which is supported by a viability gap funding of ₹1,458 crore from the Central Government, working out to about 10 per cent of the project cost.