KCR YS JaganIt is an open secret that the TRS Government had helped the Opposition YSR Congress Party in the recent Andhra Pradesh to defeat KCR’s arch-rival, Chandrababu Naidu. TRS and YSR Congress have in principle agreed to work together at National level as well in case there is a chance for Hung Government at the Center.

We have already seen both the parties talking above having 30+ MP seats together. YSR Congress did not contest in Telangana in the recent elections but then KCR wants the party to restart in Telangana and become a force by the time of the next elections. KCR has a plan for allowing YSR Congress in Telangana.

The Main Opposition Party in Telangana, Congress is basking on the Reddy Ecosystem. YSR Congress if comes back to Telangana and grow here, it will east into the vote bank of Congress and will ease out things for TRS. At the same time, Jagan is harmless KCR feels. In a way, the entire Political System in Telangana will be under KCR.

This will depend on YSR Congress’ Performance in Andhra Pradesh Elections. If the party comes to Power here, Jagan will try to revive the party in Telangana as well. If that happens, the entire dynamics of Telugu Politics will change for sure in the next five years.