Nizam’s jewels worth millions of dollars to Hyderabad are in the custody of the National Museum, Delhi and in the vaults of the Reserve Bank of India for several years, Andhra Pradesh government has been trying to bring them back to Hyderabad. However it did not materialize as the state government wanted the center to pay for the land and premises to build a safe and permanent display.

The jewels were formerly with the heirs of Nizams, the Center had got those after a long legal battle in 1995.The 173 set collection comprising 348 pieces was brought to Hyderabad and displayed at the Salar Jung Museum in 2001 and 2005. The jewelry included the third largest diamond in the world — the Jacob diamond. In 1991, the entire Jewel collection is valued at $ 162 million.

Salar Jung Museum which hosted the Nizam Jewels Exhibiton twice can not host one more exhibition now since the Eastern block where the jeweler exhibition was conducted now has many galleries where several artifacts are on display. It is said that the new Telangana government is keen to bring back this jewels even if it means the state government has to spend money for the permanent display.