KCR Using BC Trump Card Against CongressHyderabad High Court has stalled the TRS Government’s Plans to implement 34% Reservations to BCs in the upcoming Panchayat Elections. The high court has clarified that the Reservations cannot be more than 50%. KCR‘s 34% BC Reservations will take the total to 61%.

The Government is taken back by the high court order and says this is a conspiracy of the Congress Party against the BCs. The government is now planning to approach the Supreme Court against the High court Order. BCs are the dominant caste groups in Telangana.

Chief Minister K Chandrasekhara Rao seems to be using this BC reservation issue as his Trump Card against the main Opposition Party. If Reservations go through, the government claims the credit. If they fail, Blame it on Congress alleging it is an anti-BC Party.