KCR Trying To Make Ramoji Rao Vs ABN RKTelangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao’s daughter, Kalvakuntla Kavitha came on a Big debate on ABN last night and surprised everyone.

She has been defending herself after BJP made allegations of her involvement in Delhi Liquor Scam. She tried to be as vocal as possible against RK. But it was not easy to dominate someone like RK who do not give space.

Irrespective of the debate’s outcome, the debate has become a Talking Point in Political circles, common people, and social media increasing the brand value of ABN.

But why did TRS help ABN? K Chandrasekhar Rao banned ABN Channel in Telangana for many months after coming to power in 2014.

Later ABN got the ban overturned some how but is a critic of KCR Government since then. KCR who is at the peak of his popularity never really cared about it.

But times have changed. TRS is fighting the Central Government and a whole ecosystem. Modi and Amit Shah are ruthless and are always baying for the blood of the opponents.

So, KCR had asked for RK’s help especially after BJP reached out to Ramoji Rao’s help. Ramoji Rao is not against KCR right now but it looks like KCR is preparing for it just in case.