KCR Trying Chandrababu's Failed Idea!The other day, Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhara Rao had a lunch meeting with Left party veterans led by CPM chief minister of Kerala Pinarayi Vijayan. Telugu communist party leaders are also present in the meeting. Buzz is that KCR is seriously considering a Mahakutami for 2023.

He is keen on bringing Congress and Left Parties into this coalition to defeat BJP. The Saffron party is obviously the common enemy of BJP and the coalition will be formed on the plank of Secularism. Congress which is desperate for power may have to dump Revanth Reddy for it to happen.

In 2009, Chandrababu Naidu brought all the opposition parties under one roof to defeat Congress back then but failed. TRS is also a part of Mahakutami then. Even in 2018, all opposition parties barring BJP came under one roof in Telangana to defeat KCR.

On both occasions, the experiment failed. It has to be seen if KCR will succeed. BJP, on the other side, is strong in some segments of Telangana and is very vulnerable in some areas. KCR feel those weak areas will help him to retain power even with a smaller majority.