KCR Telangana cm photo

The ongoing nativity controversy is getting murkier every day. It is now said that Telangana government is planning to introduce Citizenship cards for those living in the region since before 1956. The existing nativity certificates and income certificates given in Andhra Pradesh state will be cancelled and these new cards will have the right nativity and income certification of the Telangana citizens according to the 1956 criteria.

A committee comprising Revenue officials will be set up at each mandal, which will verify whether the families of students were residents of Telangana prior to 1956 or not and issue these cards accordingly. Later on these cards will be made mandatory for everyone to enjoy the benefits of the state government including the various welfare schemes, reservations etc. Proofs like property documents which are purchased before 1956 and other proofs which prove that a person or his fore fathers have resided in the state prior to 1956 are need to obtain the Citizenship cards. Otherwise they have to obtain a certificate from local representatives.