KCR KTRIn a surprise turn of events, Telangana IT Minister K Taraka Ramarao wrote a letter to the Center demanding to stop conspiracies to privatize Vishaka Steel Plant.

“Center has started backdoor conspiracies to privatize Vishaka Steel Plant in the name of funds for Working Capital and raw material. Already brought a notification for it. BRS is seriously opposing this move,” KTR wrote.

Vishaka Steel Plant is an emotional issue for the people of Uttarandhra. It could have easily become an issue for the entire state. But then, political parties diluted it.

YSR Congress was in complete support of the central government in this issue fearing movement in Jagan’s cases and Vivekananda Reddy’s case.

TDP was in neck-deep disappointment with the 2019 defeat when the movement was at its peak and could not mobilize its foot soldiers to fight tooth and nail. Also, Chandrababu was extra-cautious on any issue against the center.

Janasena did nothing and only claimed it has no proper support from people and the Opposition to fight on this issue.

BRS thrived on sentiment politics in Telangana and this is a perfect issue for it in Andhra Pradesh provided it can ignite the people to that extent.

KCR appointed BRS AP President and is accumulating small leaders for the party. The much-talked-about KCR’s public meeting in Andhra Pradesh also kept on getting postponed. We will have to see if this will help BRS.

If BRS is able to split the anti-government vote (very unlikely scenario now), it will be an advantage to Jagan.