Vijaya-Shanthhi-KCRVijaya Shanthi had expressed her disappointment with BJP leadership. She went on to the party leadership is not using her services and are insecure about her.

“You can work for the party only if you are given work? What should I do if I am not given any work? There is no problem with the national party. The state leadership is not using me. If the senior leaders are not taken into confidence, the party will suffer. Some leaders in the party are insecure because of me. The national leadership should focus on the conditions of the state,” Vijaya Shanthi said.

“My role is always a top role. Ramulamma is always Ramulamma. As an activist, I am in everyone’s hearts as someone who fought in Parliament,” said Vijaya Shanthi.

The problem with Vijaya Shanthi is that she never plays a proactive role in politics and always expects the senior leaders to come to her and give her the reins of the party.

But how would that happen in a party where there is an established leadership?

Moreover, there are signs of anti-incumbency even in someone like KCR who was instrumental in bringing the statehood.

Here Vijaya Shanthi expects people to remember the role she played long ago.

KCR should be laughing at Vijaya Shanthi’s joke!