telangana-andhra-pradesh-kcr-chandrababu-naidu-power-plant-ppaThe other week we have seen media and opposition parties going rampage over the confidential G.Os of Andhra Pradesh government but Telangana government seem to be no different. According to a media report, 362 G.Os were termed as confidential in Telangana state. The GAD portfolio held by CM KCR, leads with 151 confidential G.Os.

They allege that a majority of GAD confidential GOs include dropping of vigilance cases, prosecution cases of ACB which are not sensitive or pose any security threat to state if these GOs are disclosed. But they are kept as confidential due to political and other pressures.

They say G.Os pertaining to expenditure incurred by Chief Minister’s Office on foreign visits, local visits and other administrative purposes were also kept under wraps. KCR’s son, KTR’s panchayat raj and rural department also remains one of the top-five departments in issuing confidential GOs at 28.