More dents to Telangana JAC, Kodandaram, KCR, TRS, JAC, Telangana governmentTRS party seem to have realized the danger of letting Professor Kodandaram go away free and started to take on the Telangana JAC Chairman. Kodandaram had lambasted the government the other day and said that the government did very nothing to change the lives of commoners in this two years rule.

KCR who is in the process of eliminating Opposition in the state, do not want to take risk with Kodandaram and unleashed an all out attack on him with his men. TRS leaders who used to address the JAC Chairman as ‘Kodandaram Sir’ is now addressing his ‘Kodandaram Reddy’ to associate him with Revanth Reddy and Congress.

TRS MP Balka Suman went on to call him as a poisnous snake. Minister Eetela Rajendra and Harish Rao also attacked Kodandaram. We will have to see if people also change their opinion about Kodandaram as like the TRS leaders. Kodandaram commands huge respect from people due to his contribution to Telangana cause. But will they accept him as an alternate political force? Only time will tell.