KCR Sends Agitating BJP MLAs out of the HouseTelangana Government has unleashed its most common weapon to ensure the Assembly runs on its line. The Speaker has suspended BJP MLAs from the house for protesting in the house over the Muslim Reservations. Kishan Reddy, Lakshman, NVSS Prabhakar, Raja Singh and Chintala Rama Krishna Reddy are among the suspended MLAs.

TDP (TS) MLAs – Revanth Reddy and Sandra Venkata Veeraiah were already prevented from entering the house using a previous suspension. Reservation issue will land in Center’s court as these reservations will be above the allowed quota of 50%. Center should bring it under the Ninth Schedule of the Constitution by using powers under 31 (B) of the Constitution.

This section of Constitution gives powers to the center to protect the laws made by State Legislatures like in the case of Tamil Nadu. BJP State Unit opposing the bill indicates that Center is unlikely to cooperate with the state government. KCR will be going to Delhi later this month and request Prime Minister Narendra Modi to allow it.