REvanth Reddy - KCREver since Revanth Reddy is appointed as the Telangana PCC President, he is making big efforts to strengthen the party. In the process, he is constantly staying in news for one reason or the other.

Meanwhile, we can see TRS Leaders and Ministers bashing Revanth for one reason or the other. The latest in the list is Minister Malla Reddy who has been abusing and challenging the Malkajgiri MP.

The abuses and challenges are getting maximum coverage in the media and social media for obvious reasons. Revanth will also respond equally strong which means more press.

But one can not stop wondering if this is a game plan to showcase Revanth Reddy as something big in Telangana politics which will naturally take BJP off limelight. At the same time, Congress can not be threatening for TRS how better they get from here.

So there is a discussion in the political circles if KCR is secretly helping Revanth Reddy in a bid to downsize BJP which has shown remarkable improvement in Telangana in recent times.