kcr and inverters business in telanganaCome Summer every year, the sale on inverters go up due to unscheduled and frequent power cuts. Every one expected the power cuts in Telangana to be more after the state bifurcation and AP refusing share of Power to the newest state. Traders saw this as a big business opportunity to make huge money. Many of them bought inverters at low cost from the companies in Winter and piled up the stocks to make big money in summer.

But the uninterrupted power supply of the Telangana government completely ruined the business and these shows barely manage to sell at least one inverter per month now. Earlier, each and every household were forced to purchase an inverter to get continuous power supply to beat the heat. Now, only business community is purchasing inverters for their comfort.

Telangana government took up the issue as prestige issue and bought big amounts of power from outside markets shelling high prices. The government also effectively campaigned against paddy cultivation which requires power to run the bore wells and managed to bring paddy cultivation down by 30% when compared to the same time last year.