KCR, KCR Narendra Modi Reliable Partner, KCR Narendra Modi Partnership, KCR Narendra Modi Friendship, KCR Narendra Modi DostiPrime Minister Narendra Modi finished his first visit to Telangana finally. Telangana government which was initially averse to Modi, received him very well indicating the change of stance. Political experts say TRS sent a message to BJP that they will fill up the gap in case TDP walks out of the alliance on Special Status issue.

However the question from BJP’s side is that, ‘Is KCR a Reliable Partner for Modi?’. “Naidu has political compulsions to be with BJP. TDP is anti-Congress and then there is no future to Congress. Further Naidu needs Center’s help for the cash-strapped state. But KCR has no compulsion,” a BJP Senior Leader on anonymity said.

“Further, KCR already proved very unreliable when it comes to central relations. We have seen him going in an alliance with the third front before 2009 elections and even before the election results came, he is in NDA camp. Once the results came, he disappeared all of sudden. Moreover, we can never forget him call Modi a fascist. So we are wary of these things,” the Senior leader added.