KCR Ranked Third, Jagan Ranked EighthPublic Affairs Index (PAI)-2021 has been released by the Public Affairs Center ranking the best-governed states in the country. Among the 18 larger states category, Andhra Pradesh has been ranked eighth while Telangana is ranked much better and is placed at third position.

Kerala topped the list with 1.618 points and Tamil Nadu has come second with 0.897 points. Telangana has got 0.891 while Andhra Pradesh has got a paltry 0.077 points. Andhra Pradesh is on the border on the ranking lists almost into the zone of the bad performers.

The index concludes that Telangana is the third best-governed state while Andhra Pradesh is at eighth position much behind Telangana. Small states like Chattisgarh and Punjab have got better rankings than Andhra Pradesh. The ranking is focused on UN Sustainable Development Goals with the development trajectory of the states which assesses the Governance in a state.

The Index comprises three pillars of growth, equity, and sustainability, 5 themes, 13 SDGs, and 43 indicators.