KCR pushes NTR Stadium to historyTelangana government seem to be no going back on the demolition of NTR Stadium. The state government had announced its plan to demolish the stadium and construct Kala Bharathi here. This idea was greeted to opposition from environmental activists and political parties as they foul cry on losing green and open spaces in the city.

But government seem to be rigid in this and gave out a G.O. allowing the land usage exchange. The government also sent the plan of the proposed Kala Bharathi to GHMC and asked it to approve for free. So the stadium which was used for various cultural activities, meetings and playing area of children will go in to history books now.

Also the name of NTR who freed Telangana from the tyrant Patel Patwari system will be erased. Kala Bharathi will be a state-of-art cultural center and is expected to finish the construction by the end of this year, if government’s on paper plans materialize.