KCR Prevents Revanth Reddy for Historic Reservations BillTelangana Assembly will be sitting for a Special Session today to pass the proposed Muslims and ST Reservations Bill. But then, TDP (TS) MLAs will be prevented from participating in the session citing technical issues. The Speaker says they were suspended for the entire session last time.

Even though the session has ended, Speaker did not prorogue the house. So, he says that today’s one day sitting is also of the same session and so TDP (TS) MLAs – Revanth Reddy and Sandra Venkata Veeraiah. The other TDP (TS) MLA, R Krishnaiah can attend the session.

Telangana government is coming up with innovative ways to suspend TDP (TS) MLAs particularly Revanth Reddy in these three years curbing the lone aggressive voice in the opposition. But then, Political experts opine that this is becoming too much now.