Jr-NTR-KCRIt is a known thing that Jr NTR is away from Andhra Pradesh politics. But for a reason, he now finds himself in the midst of Telangana politics and here’s an interesting scoop on the same.

NTR was invited for the grand inauguration of Sr NTR statue in Khammam. There’s a court controversy on the same as a few have objected that NTR is seen in Lord Krishna in the statue.

Once the court case is cleared, NTR could be attending the inauguration of the statue in Khammam. If the case is cleared, that is.

Now, another Nandamuri brother, Kalyan Ram has received the invitation to inaugurate another statue of Sr NTR at Varni, Nizamabad. This event will also be attended by BRS bigiwg and Telangana assembly speaker Pocharam Srinivas Reddy.

There’s quite a bit of anti incumbency against the BRS government in Telangana. And now, the party is evidently aiming at the Kamma and settlers vote bank by announcing their affinity to Sr NTR.

Apart from the Sr NTR statues, what’s to be noted here is that BRS is getting the Nandamuri family involved in the same. They’ve incited both NTR and Kalyan Ram for individual events, thus appealing to the Nandamuri followers.

Another point to be noted here is that despite the NTR – Krishna avatar statue controversy, there is no word against this by the BRS troops. As it appears, KCR himself is inclined towards the Kamma vote bank and the latest developments clearly imply the same.