KCRIf the buzz in Telangana political circles is to be believed, Chief Minister K Chandrasekhara Rao is planning to dissolve the Assembly and seek fresh mandate from the people. This will ensure that TRS gets a fresh five years term. People are rallying behind TRS in every election after 2014.

The Telangana Chief Minister feels that the left over three years term may not be enough to fulfill all the promises. So he is planning to go for a fresh Five years term given, when people’s support is with him. Almost dead opposition will also help TRS to win the snap poll, the TRS boss believes.

However it will be really absurd to dissolve the Assembly just after two years in power as the current government is already stable with its own numbers and the numbers added due to defections. Political circles are abuzz that KTR will be made CM if TRS scrapes through the election and KCR will start concentrating on National politics with a bid to become Prime Minister. However as of now, all these are mere rumours.