KCR Pays Big Price For Deep SleepThe Prestigious Huzurabad By-election result is out. TRS has gone hammer and tongs to defeat their former friend, Eetela Rajender but only to lose the election with close to 25,000 votes. TRS has spent close to 2000 Crore only for Dalit Bandhu scheme of the constituency.

This result may have come as a shock to KCR but that is very much expected. Ever since the second term of KCR, the Chief Minister is increasingly sounding arrogant and high on power. Right from not having a cabinet for many months to shunting a longterm associate out of the party just like that, KCR is sounding too much arrogant.

There are signs of public anger with Dubbaka and GHMC Elections, TRS continued to be in denial mode showing the victory in Nagarjuna Sagar. And the price is here to pay. The Chief Minister is so high on power that he can not sense anti-incumbency in the backyard but announced people asking to have the party in Andhra Pradesh.

Luckily for KCR, BJP is still weak in many pockets of Telangana. That gives him a chance to take corrective measures but if he continues to ignore the leak, the pot will be empty sooner or later.