KCR, KCR Narendra Modi Treatment Telangana Tour, KCR Food Menu Narendra Modi Telangana Tour, KCR Care Narendra Modi Telangana TourPrime Minister Narendra Modi is all set for his maiden visit to Telangana. There are already enough indications from the center that there will not be any big announcements to the youngest state of the country. Telangana government had also decided not to push the Prime Minister for additional support.

“We have already submitted a long wishlist to the Prime Minister. The Chief Minister will not seek any assurance from the Prime Minister on fund allocation to state. Modi is the guest to the state and it is his maiden visit. We should not trouble the guest,” informed one of the MPs of the ruling party.

BJP leaders are also of the same opinion as they say Narendra Modi normally avoids making any promises and announcements of funds during State tours. But then making any such announcement will ensure that Modi and BJP will face the ire of Andhra Pradesh people who are disappointed with the center’s apathy to the state.