KCR Not To Campaign in the Other States

KCR Not To Campaign in the Other StatesTelangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao is unlikely to campaign in the other states. Earlier KCR announced that he will campaign for Federal Front Partners in the subsequent phases of General Elections but now dropped the idea as no party clearly indicated joining Federal Front.

“If at all KCR campaigns for any party and if the party joins BJP or Congress after the election, it will be a major embarrassment and so KCR do not want to take the risk. He will keenly observe the election trends and will try to gain partners only after the results are announced,” a source in TRS told us.

In a meeting with the Ministers, KCR told them that TRS is winning 16 MP seats while their friendly partner, MIM will win the remaining seat. “Jagan Reddy’s YSR Congress is winning a minimum of 16 MP seats in Andhra Pradesh according to our surveys, Federal Front Count Starts at 33 Seats,” KCR told his cabinet colleagues. On the other side, Chandrababu is gearing up to campaign against BJP in other states.

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