KCR Muslims Reservations Bill Early Election or Early PreparationTelangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhara Rao is busy showering sops on the people in the last couple of days. We have seen the government hurriedly releasing the last installment of the Loan Waiver and moving the Muslims Reservation File.

The government is also convening a Special Assembly Session to ratify the Muslims Reservations Bill. And all of sudden, the Chief Minister announced Free Fertilizers to the farmers from the next year. Fifty-Five Lakh Farmers will get 4000 each in their bank accounts to meet the expenses.

This sense of urgency in the showering of sops indicate that something is going on behind the scenes. Usually, such sops are showered before the elections that give rise to the doubts if KCR is contemplating early elections to the state. KCR repeatedly turned down the news of early elections but then things going on now tell a different story.

Some say it may be an early preparation for polls after two years. If KCR goes for early elections, it will be very easy to take on the Opposition which is weak and totally unprepared. Next couple of months will give us an idea about how the things will pan out.