KCR-Silliest-MistakeKCR will announce his national political party at 1.19 pm on Vijayadasami day. The party flag will remain pink as it is now. The party symbol will also be the same.

KCR says it is not a new party but instead, it is a name change for TRS. That means technically the symbol should be retained.

Actually when the TRS party was registered in 2001, the scope of the party was mentioned only up to the Telangana region and the name of the party was mentioned as Telangana Rashtra Samithi.

Now the name of the party will be changed to Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS).

After the announcement of the party, they will go to Delhi and take care of the party registration program and organize a big meeting in Delhi on the 9th of this month.

All this looks good on paper paper and can be done as well may be with a bit of struggle but the bigger question remains the same. What is this for?

It is nothing secret that TRS is facing a challenge in the state from BJP and it is important for KCR to stop it. What actually KCR is trying to play on a different venue when the match is scheduled elsewhere?

Instead of taking on BJP in the state, he is trying to scare the BJP top leadership with the name of a National party. “In case you do not give up Telangana, you will face unnecessary competition in Delhi” is the message.

As we known coming to power in Delhi in 2024 will be most important for Modi and Amit Shah, KCR believes they will sacrifice a smaller state like Telangana.

But in the process, KCR is making a grave mistake. How would BRS be a threat to BJP in other states? On what grounds people of other states will get to vote for BRS leaving all their existing options?

People of Telangana themselves are not sure of this approach and do not have a positive opinion about what is happening.

All this also comes at a price. KCR will lose ‘Telangana’ from the party name, the biggest selling point of his party in the state and also crucial time before the elections in the name of strategizing, discussing, campaigning, and etc in other states.