KCR-Pawan-Kalyan-JanaSenaTelangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao is going to announce his new political party tomorrow on the occasion of Vijayadashami. There are rumors are of sudden that KCR will be targeting TDP leaders of Andhra Pradesh and wooing them into his party.

Media reports say that the TRS chief is planning to woo Koppula Velama, Raju, and Kapu communities towards his national party. They even say he already spoke to some of the leaders with whom he previously worked in the United State.

Sources say KCR is likely to target districts like Srikakulam, Vizianagaram, and Godavari districts where TDP did not get favorable results in 2019.

All this looks good on paper but in reality, looks far from believable. Andhra Pradesh politics is already suffering from the problem of plenty. TDP is still a formidable Opposition here and will be in the #1 or #2 position if elections are held today.

And then, there is Janasena to accommodate the leaders who want to look beyond. And then, there is BJP as well. As of now, even anasena the number of the third party is struggling to attract any prominent leaders meaning the leaders are not looking beyond TDP and YSRCP.

All the by-elections and local elections after the 2019 elections also say the same about the mood of the voters. The leaders who are fence-sitters know the mood of the people.

Before the 2014 elections, we used to see a mass exodus of leaders into TDP and then to YSR Congress in 2019. So, the leaders know the direction of the wind. They will not be innocent to go en mass to BRS if KCR announces a political party.

That said, the impact of BRS may be negligible on AP politics as of now.