KCR Meeting In Amaravati: Will Jagan Join?KCR is actively making his moves with his newly announced national party BRS. He has set his foot in Delhi as he inaugurated the BRS office there.

Now, KCR is said to be focused on also improving BRS’s prospects in the other Telugu state, Andhra Pradesh. He is said to be actively devising a plan for the same.

As per reports, KCR intends to turn active in AP politics after Sanrkanthi. He could be holding a big public meeting in Amaravati after Sankranthi. This might mark the debut of KCR in AP politics.

Notably, KCR and Jagan appeared to be sharing a close rapport. Jagan even went to meet KCR soon after he was voted to power.

Political anlysyts are now asking, will KCR and Jagan form a truce and act in best interests of each other even after BRS’s entry in AP? Will Jagan join KCR’s bandwagon? Or will KCR come face to face against Jagan.

There’s also a point of interest so as to will BRS’s entry show an effect on the chances of the leading political parties in the state.