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KCR’s Media Net Not to Spare Old City

KCR's Media Net Not to Spare Old CityTelangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhara Rao is trying to get his grip over the media since the day he came to power. Firstly, he started by reining Telugu media imposing a ban on TV9 and ABN – Andhrajyothy. To target the educated people, he let out a daily called Telangana Today.

And now, he also targeted the Urdu speaking people in the Old City of Hyderabad. Deputy Chief Minister, Mahmood Ali’s son, Azam Ali is bringing out this paper titled ‘Aadab Telangana’. Interestingly, they have brought a prominent journalist out of Ethimaad Urdu Newspaper belonging to Owaisi brothers to run the Newspaper.

TRS has shifted its focus on Old City since GHMC elections. Besides all these, there are Pro-Telangana Channels like T-News and Newspaper like Namasthe Telangana which directly operate from TRS Bhavan.