KCR May Lose Power If This Decision Is ImplementedA media report by ABN – Andhrajyothy says that Telangana Government is working on a flexible power charges policy. Like how Petrol and Diesel charges are changing every day, the power charges are going to change monthly according to the actual prices incurred.

The debts on both the discoms of Telangana are mounting each day. The present debt stands at 14,333 Crore rupees. With interests and new borrowings, the debts keep increasing every month. Meanwhile, Central Government has brought in an act to bring Discoms under the Bankruptcy act.

The mounting debts have the risk of pushing Telangana discoms into bankruptcy. Moreover, coal prices have increased by 30-40% in international markets. Due to this, the Telangana government is considering imposing additional charges every month. The Unit rates will also go up every month.

That means the Power bills will go up every month. Consumers will not even know how their next month’s bill will be. This can be a very tricky decision and will take the anti-incumbency to next level. KCR may even lose power in the next elections if this decision is implemented.