KCR - T Harish RaoEver since the days of Telangana Agitation, Harish Rao is the Troublemaker for CM KCR. Harish is being sidelined ever since TRS came to power in 2014. For every easy election, KTR is made the in-charge and is being named as the achiever for all the victories.

Things seem to not going in TRS way in recent times. There is a severe criticism of the Government for the mishandling of the Corona Crisis. There are allegations that the Government is grossly underreporting the Corona Cases and also failed miserably to rein the private hospitals’ mafia.

At this time, Dubaka By-election will become a major challenge for the Ruling Party. KCR has brought his Troublemaker, Harish Rao to win the election at any cost. Harish arrived in Dubaka and announced that his target is One Lakh Majority.

On the other side, Harish Rao’s followers are not happy with this move as they see KCR intentionally shielding KTR for a tough election while taking credit for the easy ones. But always a Yes-man of the party, Harish would not say a thing and is on the ground to ensure TRS victory. The by-election has become imminent due to the sudden passing away of the sitting MLA Solipeta Ramalingareddy.