Chandrababu Naidu - KCRTelangana Minister Vemula Prashanth Reddy made notorious comments on Andhra People have created a perception that KCR wants to have the ‘Andhra Dopidi’ sentiment back in the state. With the Huzurabad by-poll arriving and signs of anti-incumbency, KCR seems to have unleashed his favorite trump card yet again.

Now, the Telangana Chief Minister wants Andhra Ruling Party or the Opposition to answer in a similar language so that the heat is generated and the people are taken into that trance of regionalism. YSR Congress already came up with a meek response on this issue.

Jagan has deputed three leaders from Rayalaseema and came up with a diplomatic statement. Jagan will unlikely to speak about it. Prashanth Reddy clarified his comments but still went on to badmouth Late YSR hoping for retaliation from the Ruling Party of AP. So, KCR is only left with Chandrababu as an option.

However, Political experts feel Chandrababu Naidu is unlikely to get into this. Naidu will put pressure on Jagan to respond to these statements and watch the show but will not enter the ring directly. Naidu, an intelligent politician will be aware that he need not help KCR who is the reason for many of the problems he is facing today. Let us see how KCR will plan this going further!