KCR-Just-Press-Meets-Or-Will-There-Be-Real-ActionElection Commission had announced the schedule for the Gujarat Assembly elections. The elections will happen in two phases in the first week of December.

Telangana Chief Minister KCR is mulling on the strategy for this election. Two options are contesting in a few seats where the Telugu population is present or supporting former CM Shankersinh Vaghela.

KCR is fighting BJP in his backyard and claims to have thwarted an attempt to topple his government. In the press meet two days ago, he vowed to save the country from BJP.

TRS has been changed to BRS to contest in other states. But as of now, the party is completely unprepared to take up the challenge.

Also, Election Commission is yet to approve the name change.

Gujarat is the fertile ground of the BJP. Any attempt to intrude there will be taken seriously by Modi and Amit Shah.

At the same time, KCR’s tall claims will have no meaning if BRS does not contest the election.

BJP has been winning Gujarat since 1998. AAP is taking this election seriously in the backdrop of Congress still struggling.