Chandrababu-Naidu-KCRKCR has dropped Telangana from his party’s name and replaced it with Bharat. BRS is now proclaimed as a National Party and it is going to contest in Andhra Pradesh as well.

When KCR himself is contesting in Andhra Pradesh, he can no longer use the ‘Andhra’ plank against Chandrababu in Telangana as he did in the 2018 elections.

This has motivated Chandrababu to reactivate Telangana TDP. Chandrababu has admitted powerful BC leader, Kaasani Gnaneshwar into the party the other day.

There are reports that he will be made TTDP President.

Earlier TDP is very strong with the BCs of Telangana. Chandrababu is banking on them once again for the party’s revival.

Both TRS and BJP tried to get Kaasani into the party. So, he is a good catch for TDP in Telangana. KCR’s BRS has helped Chandrababu indirectly and unexpectedly.

There are reports that TDP may extend support to BJP in Manugode By-election. This can even pave the way to TDP – BJP alliance in both the Telugu states. We may see TDP trying to get back on its feet in Telangana going forward.