KCR- babu mohanCine actor Babu Mohan has gone from TDP to TRS and won as an MLA in Andhole constituency in the 2014 elections. KCR and Babu Mohan were close friends for 40 years even before they started their journey in Telugu Desam Party. But KCR denied him a ticket in 2018 and Babu Mohan joined BJP.

In an interview, Babu Mohan was asked about how TRS internal surveys mentioned him as the least performing MLA. “If there is something like that, he should have mentioned it to me. I would have excused him if he did that. But he hurt my self-respect,” Babu Mohan said.

“I tried for 20 days for his appointment. I even made fifty phone calls but to no use. Why should I feel insulted every day? Why should I feel kicked every day? It is no use to continue a relation like that. So I just said a Namasthe and quit the party,” the senior actor-politician added.

“You can ask even the TRS supporters if they are not regretting TRS leaving Babu Mohan in Andhole. If they do not regret missing me, I am ready to quit politics,” Babu Mohan challenged the media.