software engineer hyderabad telanganaLast week, we have seen Telangana IT Principal Secretary Jayesh Ranjan calling IT employees insensitive for not coming to offices and being inconsiderate to the livelihood of many like Cab drivers, food caterers etc who depend on IT.

This has come after IT companies told the government that the employees are not ready to return to the offices any sooner with the pandemic still around. While the debate about who is right and who is wrong is still going on, there is a slew of articles in the media about how WFH is losing its mojo.

The articles speak about how Work from Home is physically and mentally exhausting, how people are missing their workplace, how the productivity is going down etc. Ever since Jayesh Ranjan’s comments, these articles flared up indicating that they are being planted.

However, if we go through the social media comments below these articles, we can be pretty much sure that people have adapted to the new normal and are happy with the work from home. Returning to offices seems to be not happening yet.

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