KCR Government Ruining Road Transportation with Ego?Telangana Government announced the privatization of 5100 of the total 10,600 RTC routes. The Chief Minister set a deadline for the workers to join and if not, he will privatize the rest of the routes as well. But then, the matter went into the purview of the court and the high court issued a stay on the Privatization.

However, sources in the government say that the Transport officials in negotiations with the private operators found the truth hard way. Private Operators are reluctant to run buses especially with the clauses of the government. They want the existing prices to be increased at least by 80 paise per kilometer.

Also, they would want the right to revise the prices for every three months as the diesel charges are constantly increasing. “Some operators have even demanded dynamic prices,” an official said. If the government agrees, then it will only open gates to looting the poor.

The operators are demanding that the government should reimburse the subsidy of the passes for every three months. Currently, the government does not do that for RTC. Amid all these problems, the government may make a total mess of Road Transportation if they go forward arrogantly.