Telangana-Corona-Crisis-KCRCOVID Crisis is proving costly for Governments across the globe with huge financial losses due to the economic slowdown. However, the Telangana Government seems to have lost something more valuable. KCR Government has lost its Six years of hard-earned credibility.

Telangana which has been registering around 1800+ Corona cases suddenly recorded a dip in the last couple of days. On Thursday, it is 1400+ and on Friday, it is 1200+. But then no one is agreeing to buy the argument of the curve flattening. The popular belief is that the Government is fudging the data.

Some feel that this fudging is to ensure one Press Meet of KCR so as to mesmerize the people with his oratory skills and ensure that they forget the mishandling of the Corona Crisis. But then, the biggest problem with Coronavirus is that it is a tough nut to crack. The more you try to hide the numbers, the more deadly it becomes and will endanger the people.

If the numbers fudging is true, we can only say the KCR Government is risking the people’s lives and also their Government Reputation. It is earned for six years dolling out several sops to the people. Moreover, it will also endanger the future of K Taraka Ramarao who is almost missing from Telangana’s COVID Fight for obvious reasons.