telangana government to increase liquor shopsTelangana government is planning to increase the number of liquor shops in the state from the existing 2200 to 3000. This decision was take to accomodate the arrack sale which the state government is planning to reintroduce as an alternative affordable liquor’.

The government says increase of shops and reintroduction of arrack will help curb sale of illicitly distilled (ID) and non-duty paid (NDP) liquor. With this move, the government is expecting an additional revenue of 2000 Crore and will help the excise department reach its revenue target of Rs 11,000 crore this year.

On the other side, Telangana Wine Dealers’ Association is demanding the government to slash the exorbitant License fee so that more shops will find takers. Last year 50 shops have no bidders due to the high license fee. They are also demanding flat 30% trade margin for all kinds of liquor, including beer, premier brand liquor as well as cheap liquor.