KCR Gives A Free Advice To JaganHuzurabad’s By-elections have gone the BJP way. The defeat has come as a big shock to CM KCR and many think this is the beginning of the end of KCR and TRS. The party can not come to terms with the fact that it could not win even after bringing a scheme giving 10 Lakh Rupees to each eligible Dalit family.

This is an unprecedented money-giving scheme in the history of India but it looks like is rejected by the people. Dalit Bandhu or any scheme for that matter will not leave the ruling parties drenched in rain. Salapally the village where Dalit Bandhu is implemented as a pilot project has given the majority to the BJP.

It is easy for TRS to dismiss this as treachery by the voters. But they will have to realize that people will not just fall for freebies. They cherish the freebies and will have other aspirations including development. Also, the voters do not enjoy last-minute desperate schemes.

Also, such schemes are two-edged swords. When you appease a section with such huge money, it will offend the remaining sections. That is also a big reason for TRS’s defeat. While TRS will learn this the hard way, the neighboring CM, Jagan Mohan Reddy can easily learn a lesson from his friend’s experience.

KCR has been doing things like irrigation projects, 24X7 power to agriculture, and there is decent infrastructure in Telangana even then, there is anti-incumbency. KCR banked on Dalit Bandhu than those and it has turned out to be a big mistake. In a contrast, Jagan Government has got the bad name of doing nothing except for dolling out the freebies.

He did not even complete his third year in power and already there is dissatisfaction in the people. Things will only become worse in the coming days. The victories in by-elections without opposition not contesting should not blind Jagan from these issues. The lesson has come with a hefty price for KCR. But then, Jagan can pick it for free from the experience of his friend.