Telangana Government’s appointment of Sania Mirza as the state Ambassador by shelling out one Crore rupee has garnered national wide controversy the last time. There were questions about her eligibility, nationality et al over the issue but Telangana CM is no mood to pay heed to all those. He announced one more Crore gift to Sania Mirza for winning the US Open Mixed doubles.

And needless to say, this move of KCR has attracted to controversy too. “KCR is using the state exchequer to satisfy his own ego and a prove a point to his distractors that he will not budge to their comments. This kind of attitude will not do good to people. This money can be used for many talented Telangana sportsperson who are desperately looking for sponsors”, opined a Political analyst, Chandra Sekhar. Whatever may be the reason but Sania Mirza has many reasons to smile these days.