Telangana Loans, Telangana Loans KCR, Telangana Loans Union Cabinet,  Telangana Loans Approval,  Telangana Loans FRBM limitsAndhra Pradesh so far is complaining and losing with the indecisiveness and policy paralysis of the central government and now Telangana is also getting to taste that. The Center earlier agreed to increase the FRBM limits of Telangana from 3% to 3.5% which will ensure the state to get extra loans this year.

However the Union cabinet approval for this is being delayed for a long time. The center reportedly communicated to the state to go on with 3% calculation for now and their opinion about this will come at a later date since there are nine more months in the coming financial year.

It is reliably learnt that Center is not agreeing with the GSDP figures put forth by the Telangana government. The center is of the opinion that the state government inflated the numbers to ensure the loans limit is increased. On the other side, Telangana is going to raise 1500 Crore loans by selling of bonds on 28th of this month. With this the loans through bonds reached 6000 Crore since April.