KCR Gets It Late, Pawan Kalyan Gets It Early - TelanganaMedia is a Necessary Evil for Political Parties. Influential Media Houses are capable of changing the Public narrative in just a couple of months. So, parties always strive to be in the good books of such media houses as much as possible.

KCR used to be aggressive on media during Telangana agitation days. He bridged the difference with Ramoji Rao as soon as he is in power and mended differences with TV9 later on. Banning ABN for more than a year, KCR finally reached out to his friend Radha Krishna.

The Chief Minister the other day visited Andhrajyothy office where a fire accident happened to indicate the things to come. On the other side, Jana Sena President Pawan Kalyan also canceled his shooting for the day and rushed to the media house office.

Interestingly, it is not a big deal for the Chief Minister or a Crazy Politician to visit a media office which suffered a minor accident. But both of them did that to please Radha Krishna. That is the Power of Media! KCR Got it Late, Pawan Kalyan Gets it Early!