If the sources in Political circles are to be believed, Telangana Chief Minister designate K Chandra Sekhar Rao got a stern warning from the Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh. The center is not at all happy with the proceedings in Telangana state and warned KCR to mend his ways. It is said that Modi and Rajnath is particularly angry on KCR for calling for a band opposing the Polavaram ordinance. Rajnath reportedly said they will not want any violence to creep in the new state. He asked the TRS chief to go slow on the issue and do not aggravate the problems.

It is also said that the BJP government is not at all happy for being sidelined from the Telangana formation day celebrations, No body from the government is invited for the celebrations event on June 2nd, the appointed day. BJP sees this as a ploy to own the credit of Telangana formation wholly by TRS and make the central government a traitor for Telangana people. It is said that state BJP men approached KCR for details on who would be invited for the state formation day, they got a cold reception.