KCR's 'Friendly' Help to MIM in Old CityTelangana Caretaker Chief Minister K Chandrasekhara Rao announced 105 candidates out of the 119 constituencies in the state immediately after dissolving the Assembly. TRS is going all alone in this election without any alliance.

When asked about fielding candidates in MIM seats. KCR went on to say that MIM and TRS are friendly parties and there may be a friendly contest between these the Two parties. By observing the candidates for MIM seats announced so far one can say KCR is being too friendly with MIM.

TRS has fielded Hindu candidates in MIM Strongholds in Old City. This will divide the Hindu Votes if BJP fields any and will benefit MIM in those seats. In a way, TRS is helping MIM with this friendly contests. It is very interesting to see how KCR is balancing between MIM and BJP with Secret Understanding.